The beginning of this significant project truly came from the heart…


SOIS BLESSED – A place of encounter and of inspiration, a place that is greater than just a concept store. We call it the “place of values” as our values dictate every aspect of our project. From the selection of our partners and extraordinary products to how we interact with our customers and within our team, we are interested above all in a cordial and kind environment.


It is our great honor to focus on you, our guest. We welcome you. We invite you to linger and to enjoy, to treat yourself. Day after day we strive to make a difference – whether it be by offering new things to discover, collective events or deeply felt joy and gratitude, we pass all of this on from the heart.

SOIS BLESSED – be blessed!



We have defined 7 messages that capture the values and essence of SOIS BLESSED.

We joyfully share these messages with you, our guest:


You are Chosen. Every day new. No matter what you are. Whatever drives you. You are welcome here.

You are beyond unique. Special in everything that you do. A tribute to diversity. Be yourself.

We’re always happy to see you again.

You are outstanding. You are radiant. Maybe you don’t see it, your inner glow, your bright enthusiasm.

It is all about you.


Your heart beats deeper with true connection. When you give back what is given to you. Whatever fills you…

We wish it for you.

You are precious. The beautiful attention that you give. The time you dedicate. What you appreciate. Take time for yourself. It’s a gift that you are here.

You’re loved. Just as you are. You may not feel it. Always be yourself.

We celebrate you.

Feel gifted. Because you are.
What we think. How we act. Who we are. Move mountains. We believe in you. A joy, a hope, a difference. A blessing for others. Thank you for you.